Your new podcast studio

Easily record with remote guests. No special equipment needed.

3 phones recording

*iOS only, Android coming soon

Easy for Guests

One button to join, no accounts or personal information required.

Great Sound

Audio quality that rivals professional studios! No digital noise or internet drops.

One-button Finishing

Share a finalized recording in-app or download individual tracks to edit yourself.

Simple to use

Great for first-time users or seasoned pros. Just open the app, invite, and record.

Multi-track Recording

Record 5 or more guests at once.

Phone recording

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BandcasT is in open beta testing

We’re continuously adding features and improving stability.

Let us know what would help you create a better Podcast!


How much does it cost?

BandcasT in beta currently is free.

Does BandcasT save my recordings?

Your recordings will be saved for 72 hours only. We recommend downloading and archiving them.

How do I use BandcasT to get the BEST sound quality?

Use indoors in a quiet room with very few echoes. Keep the phone within a few inches of your face. Turn the speaker on. Talk normally as if you were using a speakerphone.To avoid interruptions, put your phone in "do not disturb" mode. It's best to keep the phone within 12 inches of your face. We've found 3-6 inches is ideal. If you are using earbuds with an in-line mic, be careful as the mic is very sensitive and will pick up sounds of movement.

Do I need to wear headphones/earbuds?

No. We've found that using WITHOUT headphones gives great results, but we encourage you to experiment while the app is in beta.

How many guests can I invite?

The most we've ever tried is 15 guests plus a host with no problems. We've designed it to work well with up to 4 or users in the same call. Feel free to push the envelope and report your results. Keep in mind we are still testing to find the limits.

How stable is the app? Any chance my recording will fail and be lost?

With a stable Wifi or 4G connection, you won't have any problems. We recommend putting your phone in "do not disturb" mode. We can't guarantee you won't have an internet drop, but all recordings are saved as you record them, so even if you lose a connection, your recording is safe and accessible.

If I'm using my phone, won't the audio sound bad? Like a "telephone"?

No, we built it to sound great. The microphone on an iPhone is actually pretty good quality.

How do I publish my podcast?

We recommend using or To do this, you need to download your recordings to a computer and upload to these sites.

I'd like to edit and mix my recordings manually. Is this possible?

Yes, but you'll need a separate audio editing program (Pro Tools, Logic X, Audacity, Garageband, etc.) When you are finished recording, choose "Get individual tracks" and send them to the computer you use for editing. There are ways to edit on your iPhone, but we haven't explored those yet.

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