BandcasT Instructions


  • -> Before recording, always make sure to turn on “Do Not Disturb” in Settings. Also disable “Favorites”. BandcasT is extremely reliable, but incoming calls can corrupt the recording.
  • -> Find a quiet room away from noises and wind, with as few echoes as possible.
  • -> While recording, avoid excessive handling of the phone. Keep it on a desktop surface or steadily in your hand. The mic is very sensitive.
  • -> If using with speaker on, talk normally into your phone. Within 18 inches will sound best.
  • -> If using wired Apple Earbuds, the microphone is on the right side wire and is VERY sensitive. Avoid having it brush against clothes or hair.
  • -> Bluetooth headsets, like Apple Airpods, are not recommended because the microphone is farther from your face and therefore doesn’t sound as good.
  • -> When finished recording, press stop and ask your guests to stay momentarily while the audio uploads. When the record button turns green, it’s safe to end and finalize the recording.
  • -> FINALIZE will kick all participants, so say your goodbyes before pressing the button.
  • -> If the conversation was very long, the finalize process can take some time. During this process you can close the app and return to it later.
  • -> Your recording will be saved on the BandcasT server for 3 days. We recommend downloading it right away so you don’t forget later.
  • -> If you close the app before downloading or sharing, you can return to it by using the same invite code or link. Again, it will be saved for 3 days only.
  • -> To publish your recording, we recommend using a hosting service like We plan to offer instant publishing features very soon.
  • -> The individual tracks are available in the SHARE menu if you want to edit and mix in a separate audio editor.
  • -> It is highly recommended that you FORCE-QUIT the app when finished. BandcasT uses your phone’s resources to turn into a reliable high-quality recorder, force-quitting will return the app to its normal state.